With rooms right on the ocean, the beach is just steps away. St Francis Resort is located on Stocking Island, just off the coast of Exuma. You can hike, go kayaking, and explore the many beaches of Stocking Island. Enjoy the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. There are endless wonders to enjoy. Elizabeth Harbour provides many sheltered coves for sunbathing, kayaking, sailing, and snorkelling.

Oceanside Beach

Start your day by walking down the 5 mile long oceanside beach, aptly named because it faces the Atlantic Ocean. Take a hike down one of the many trails the island has to offer and climb to the top of Monument Hill, the highest point in the area.

As you can see from the photos below, the view from up top is quite spectacular. Other points of interest accessable from the beach include Hamburger Beach, Crystal Beach, and Sand Dollar Beach.


Steps from the Beach
Just steps from the beach


Atlantic Ocean
Looking out at the Atlantic


Stocking Island beach
Looking North down the beach


East from Monument Hill
Looking east from Monument Hill


West from Monument Hill
Looking west from Monument Hill


South from Monument Hill
Looking south from Monument Hill