With rooms right on the ocean, the beach is just steps away. St Francis Resort is located on Stocking Island, just off the coast of Exuma. You can hike, go kayaking, and explore the many beaches of Stocking Island. Enjoy the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. There are endless wonders to enjoy. Elizabeth Harbour provides many sheltered coves for sunbathing, kayaking, sailing, and snorkelling.

Island Style

There are plenty of things to do when you come down to stay with us.

Things to do on Stocking Island

Kayaking the sandbars
  • Kayaking:
    Whether you are an avid kayaker or a novice who just wants to learn the strokes and see a few local sights, the waters around Stocking Island are filled with interesting and exciting kayak venues. St Francis Resort is located in one of the protected hurricane holes within Elizabeth Harbour and the property is uniquely situated with the Atlantic Ocean in front of the property with miles of unspoiled beaches to walk.
  • Sailing:
    If you're feeling adventurous, pack a lunch and take our 13 foot hobie cat out for the day and explore many of the hidden beaches and coves the island has to offer.
  • Diving and Snorkeling:
    Snorkeling can be done in and around the hurricane holes or on one of the reefs within walking distance on the ocean side of our resort. There are two blue holes only a few hundred feet away from us.
  • Boating:
    Explore the protected waters of Elizabeth Harbour in your own boat: Many holes and reefs will keep you spellbound for hours.
  • Bone fishing:
    Exuma is one of the great bone fishing destinations in the world, and Exuma has some of the finest waters to explore. Bonefish are caught right in front of our resort and in the adjacent hurricane holes.
  • Shelling:
    Stocking Island is a great places to find interesting shells. The giant conch shells are most sought after, but large sand dollars, sea fans, and sea biscuits abound as well as a wide variety of shells. The rare Tellins and Tritons are among these.
  • Nature Trail:
    There are two scenic nature trials to walk on Stocking Island. They provide great fun and gives you a chance to take some astounding photographs.
  • Hiking:
    There is great hiking on Stocking Island, where you can climb to the top of a 200' high hill to see the old salt monument. The views from up here are spectacular. On a clear day you can see neighboring islands. The salt monuments were built in times of the early explorers. These monuments were erected to alert passing ships that salt and stores were available hence the name "Stocking Island". A place for provisioning, hey you may even find some hidden treasures of old.
  • Beach walking:
    Within a few hundred feet of our resort on the Atlantic side the University Of Miami did an intensive study on the clusters of stromatolytes, believed to be found in only two other locations in the world making these pretty unique to our area. The beach is about five miles long that takes you to some beautiful coves.
  • Swimming.
    Safe swimming can be enjoyed on the Elizabeth Harbour side of our property or on the ocean side. All the waters around Stocking Island are renowned for the crystal clear waters.


Things to do on Exuma

  • George Town:
    The capital of the Exumas and the center of commerce, George Town is the second largest settlement on Exuma. George Town offers a variety of gift shops, arts and crafts boutiques, scooter rental, boat rental, a straw market, and a small convienience store at your disposal.
  • Fish Fry:
    When a storm blew away the original Fish Fry area on the beach at the old Navy Base, locals and tourists were despondent to learn that it would not be resurrected. In it's place, however, rose nine individual huts with various types of native food, music, and activities.
  • Rake & Scrape:
    Grab anything you can find that resembles a musical instrument or makes a sound, and bring it to Eddie's Edgewater on Lake Victoria for the biggest dance party of the week. Held every Monday in season.
  • Pig Roast:
    Since 2001, a new tradition at KB's Chat n' Chill, near the Hurricane Holes on Stocking Island. You need a boat ride to get there, so check with us to arrange transportation. The Pig Roast is available every Sunday starting at 12 Noon plus the regular menu is available as well.
  • Family Island Regatta:
    At the end of April Elizabeth Harbor fills with locally built wooden work boats to compete in the National Out Islands Regatta. This regatta is considered the most prestigious and popular sailing event in the Bahamas. While the sailors are out on the water George Town becomes a three-day festival of music, arts & crafts, Junkanoo parades and one big party.
  • Tropic of Cancer Beach:
    This long beach on Little Exuma is often said to be the prettiest in the Exuma chain. The imaginary line of the Tropic of Cancer defining the northern extent of the tropics lies right along the beach.