Our newest boat, Odyssey. One of our newest boats, Wayfinder. St Francis Ovive at Anchor. Sailing in Table Bay, South Africa. Aphrodite sailing at 15 knots. Calypso at dock in St Francis Bay. Phoenix at dock in the Bahamas.

Welcome to St Francis Marine

For over 25 years, St Francis Marine has been at the leading edge of catamaran design since its inception in 1988. Now, St Francis continues its unparalleled reputation with our new line of catamarans, the St Francis 50.

The latest of our show boats is now for sale! Take a look at our latest catamaran, Odyssey.


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How it all Began - Part 2

CHOOSING A FAMILY CRUISER My first thoughts were for a safe cruising monohull. Multihulls prompted thoughts of my first Hobie regatta. Being oblivious of sailing rules, on my very first race I fouled a Flying Dutchman on some port/starboard rule...

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